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Creativity Vs Creation

I have always thought of myself as a creative person.

Excelling in Art, Literature and Music at school, I went on to study a degree in Art History. Graduating in 2013. thought the world was my oyster and I was ready to spread my rainbow of creative thinking.

The dilemma came in turning that creativity into a creation, and a successful one at that.

I drifted from writing to painting and back to writing with a desk job paying the bills. And, I'd like to say that one day it just clicked and all my problems and indecisiveness were solved.

But I can't and I would be living in a dream if I ever thought this would happen.

When I started a creative business a year ago I thought I had it all figured out. I sat down and thought about how I could channel my creativity into a creation.


My reasons:

I was a good designer

I could think outside the box and had lots of new ideas

I had plenty of experience developing client relations

Weddings are expensive and people want to spend money

Things I did not consider:

The amount of time it would take up. SO MUCH TIME.

How hard it is to price your own products.

How easy it is to become lost in a saturated market.

It has literally taken me 12 months to realise that there is no point in wasting your time. If something doesn't work, change it now. That applies to products, marketing strategies, and selling platforms. I spent hundreds of pounds ordering products I can't sell, because there isn't a market for them.

And it wasn't until today that I realised that I was bobbing about in a saturated market, flailing like a little fishing a big sea. I listened to an episode of Creatives Making Money by Jamie Jensen and something in my brain clicked.

What I need to do:

Value my time and my products

Do not undersell my self and my talent

Do not be afraid of failure

For now, I still have my desk job working 9-5 (like Dolly), but I am opening my mind to change AND channelling my confidence into my products.

If you are looking for event stationery or looking for an illustrator contact me for a chat today :) I won't bite!

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